What Makes a Good Website Design?


What Makes a Good Website Design? The simple answer is a professional web designer.

Don’t go to the lowest common denominator. Using one of those cheap DIY web building platforms is a great way to get a terrible design and lose business hand over fist. So the summary of this article has already been said and bears repeating. Hire a professional. Like most things in life. You hire a doctor to take care of a broken leg – you don’t do it yourself. You hire professionals in any situation where you know little and what you’re dealing with is important. And make no mistake, a business for your website can be absolutely critical. If its just some fun website like this, then no sweat. Have at it. Make some junk no one cares about. But, for example, if your business is in Denver and you have an old website that is years old, don’t blow it. Hire a local Denver web developer that has many years of experience and knowledge about online marketing, social media, graphic design and loads more. Enough said. But you can read on if you like.

These days, we certainly need a website to help us grow our business especially when we are dealing with the fact the people are searching the internet for products and services at an ever increasing rate and from an ever increasing variety of devices, especially mobile phones. The main goal of the website itself is to increase the sales of our products or services. Coming up with a website to support our business might be a piece of cake in time like this. However, creating a good website design that will attract more visitors and potential customers is totally a different thing. It certainly requires more considerations and more efforts of course. A regular website that mostly talks about your business, company, products and your services is not exactly what you need to help your grow your business properly. You need to equip your company or business with a good website design.


Defining a good Denver website design might be quite tricky these days considering we may come up with our own definitions. Some people see the website design that showcases their prowess and invites a number of designing awards as a good choice for them. On the contrary, some other people might put aside those website designs and tend to opt for the design that attract more potential customers and allows them to interact with their visitors. That said, there are many aspects you need to consider in designing your website.


A wise business owner cares about their business and studies their competition. What are the top competitors doing online? What information do they put out there? How are they using social media? What type of design do they have for their website? Does it look old or is it a sophisticated design? Try to evaluate what’s working and what’s not working and how you need to compete for customers online. Without a doubt, great companies will almost always have a great website, so doing something on the cheap is probably not be a good choice, especially since your website is probably the most important marketing piece you can have for your business. A big design trend is toward something clean and simple. A more simple design that may attract more visitors, which is exactly what you want. But every potential customer is different so you have to understand your market and appeal to them. Also, it is really important that you think about the numerous devices and different browsers that are available before designing a website. These days are no longer the era of using a personal computer equipped with Internet Explorer from Microsoft to access the internet. We have come to the era when many people can access the web more easily using their modern gadgets and preferred browsers.


The website design that lets many people access your website more easily through their mobile devices would be the best option for you. It would be best if you can come up with a lighter design rather than using the website that requires heavy access to promote your business and company. Make sure that you use both Flash animation and JavaScript considerably in designing your website. For example, if you have some important information about your company that you like to share with every visitor of your website, it would be much better if you can make it more accessible. Such information about your business should come in form or text instead of an image. Otherwise, you might need to consider a certain technique to replace the image file.

Your Website’s Content and Marketing Orientation should Focus on the Value proposition you are Offering

The colors of your website should be well considered as well. A website filled with more colors that will cause more strains to your eyes is never a good addition to your business. Those colors will not create a pleasant environment for your visitors. It is almost impossible to keep them coming back to your website and read all the attractive information about your products and services. Even though you manage to come up with a fancy design, those colors are more likely to make your visitors tired and stop them from coming to your website in the future. One of the simple tips in creating a more friendly environment for you visitors is to complete your articles or news with a lighter background.


Another important aspect in creating a good website is the navigation system. It is very important for you to come up with a defined navigation system that will make your website more accessible to everyone. This feature is even more important when you have multiple pages on your site.  It would be much better for you to have more navigation bars that text-based. Text based menus are fast loading and work great on desktop and mobile devices. You can still come up with more appealing navigation bars using the CSS design techniques. Once again, you need a professional to help here.


If you put the success of your business as your first priority, then hire a talented, professional website developer. Take care of your website and online presence, do it right, and you’ll have a much better chance of succeeding, growing your business and competing in the challenging world of business we all work in.